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About PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Initiative

PEPFAR (the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) is America’s $15 billion initiative to combat the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. PEPFAR is charged with the prevention of 60 percent of a projected 12 million new HIV/AIDS infections in targeted countries. The initiative is also intended to provide antiretroviral drugs to two million HIV-infected people along with care for ten million HIV-infected individuals and HIV/AIDS orphans.

Implementation of this initiative will be based on a model currently being employed in countries such as Uganda. This model involves a layered network of central medical centers that support satellite centers and mobile units with varying levels of medical expertise as treatment moves from urban to rural communities.

Budget proportions allocated to each area of prevention, care and treatment vary, depending on the strategy to respond to different types of epidemics. Budgets of country-managed programs for Federal Year 2005 are: Botswana $35m; Cote d’Ivoire $26m; Ethiopia $61m; Guyana $14m; Haiti $40m; Kenya $115m; Mozambique $48m; Namibia $36m; Nigeria $84m; Rwanda $41m; South Africa $107m; Tanzania $84m; Uganda $113m; Vietnam $25m; and Zambia $85m.

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