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Clinical Laboratory Software Demo

Clinical Laboratory Software DemoLooking for a clinical laboratory software demo that won’t leave you feeling unimpressed? You’ve come to the right place. Comp Pro Med’s Polytech laboratory information system offers flexibility alongside ease of use, two factors that are often difficult to come by in LIS technology. The software is capable of interfacing with any equipment in the lab, covering everything from blood work to billing, and the majority of the work is performed on a single screen.

The inner workings of clinical labs are often complex, so the last thing employees need is another cumbersome system taking up their valuable time. After viewing a clinical lab software demo of the Polytech system, management and lab techs alike will agree that it will benefit the facility’s workflow. This is an intelligent system that offers updated ICD-10 codes and communication between departments while greatly reducing the likelihood of human error. We believe every lab deserves a quality interface, so we offer a number of financing options for the Polytech laboratory information system, including creative financing. Comp Pro Med does significant work with foreign governments to develop programs that work for facilities in need of proper support, so our doors are open if you’d like to discuss options for your lab.

From large teaching hospitals to small clinics, the flexibility of our system will meet your needs. Contact us today to talk about your current equipment, your facility’s requirements, and payment options. For a free clinical laboratory software demo, simply fill out our request form! You’ll love Polytech, no doubt about it.

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