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Laboratory Information Systems San Francisco

Laboratory Information Systems San FranciscoClinics looking for quality, customizable laboratory information systems for San Francisco locations will find a fantastic partner in Comp Pro Med. Located in Sonoma County, we offer a superior alternative to the laboratory information management system for medical laboratories, clinics, and hospitals. LIMS are intended for research facilities that crunch data for use in articles or reporting, rather than clinical records and test results. If you’re a clinical facility or hospital that utilizes individual accountable record tracking, a Polytech LIS and our other information system management products will fit your needs much better.

Finding the right laboratory information systems for your San Francisco clinics involves a lot of research. Many LIS providers aim to serve large corporations with pre-packaged software solutions that function in specific circumstances, but don’t take flexibility into account. Comp Pro Med sets itself apart in the laboratory software business by providing a level of customization you won’t find with other companies. Our personalized support comes directly from our Santa Rosa office, and every system we install takes the facility’s needs and equipment into account. If you’re not sure whether an LIS would be a better fit for your clinic than a laboratory information management system, please call us at 1-800-276-4522 with any questions. We offer free demos of our laboratory information systems to any San Francisco location, so feel free to request one using our online form.

Polytech systems are used throughout the USA and Canada, as well as Africa and Asia. We are the system of choice for the entire country of Ethiopia.We offer a variety of payment options and are happy to help find the right solution for any budget. For a more detailed list of the key benefits of our LIS, you can download our free white paper.If you’re currently researching laboratory information systems for your San Francisco hospital or clinic, contact Comp Pro Med today for more information