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Polytech LIS for Veterinary Laboratories

CompProMed’s feature-rich Polytech Laboratory Information System (LIS) helps drive accurate, efficient veterinary laboratory test record management. With Polytech, you can expedite test record processes, interface seamlessly with applications or instruments, and automate data collection and reporting – all with zero downtime, and all in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Species-Specific Functionality for Veterinary Labs

The Polytech LIS is ideal for veterinary and animal health diagnostic laboratories seeking to manage lab tests more efficiently. All test management features and functions are available in a single comprehensive system, enabling veterinarians and veterinary technicians to quickly and easily request, receive and review lab tests. Everything you need is at your fingertips in an intuitive, easy to use solution that enables your users to quickly learn and utilize the system while staying focused on patient diagnosis and treatment.

Polytech LIS is Ideal for Standard or Specialized Testing

From companion animals to livestock, veterinarians are often called upon to diagnose and treat infections and diseases that require lab tests to isolate the underlying cause. This can require any of a multitude of standard or specialized tests to perform an accurate diagnosis to ensure the right treatment. The right LIS can assist with streamlining the process from original lab test request to reviewing the lab test results.

Any type of test is readily accommodated by the Polytech LIS. Whether the tests are for small animals, equines, farm animals, or exotic zoo animals, the Polytech LIS readily accommodates tests for total protein, albumin, globulin (calculated as the difference between total protein and albumin), urea, creatinine, glucose, alanine amino transferase (ALT), and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and more.

A test is a test, and the LIS should not create needless complexity regardless of sample type or test criteria.   The Polytech LIS optimizes the patient lab test management process, enabling you to focus on the results and your diagnosis, not on learning how to use a complicated system.

Easy to Use Polytech LIS is Intuitive

On-the-fly learning is easy with Polytech LIS.   Whether you’re an in-house veterinary lab or a large specialized veterinary test center, Polytech delivers the flexibility and functions you need for lab test management. One of the biggest obstacles to managing lab tests digitally is user adoption. When an LIS is complex and confusing, users are apt to enter data incorrectly, causing needless delays in lab test results receipt and costly billing errors.

Because Polytech delivers an intuitive single screen for lab test entry, orders and result review, the learning curve is minimal. Veterinarians and veterinarian technicians alike can quickly and easily start using the system from day one. And if you have questions, our system engineers are just a phone call away.

Outstanding Customer Support from Experienced System Engineers

CompProMed has decades of experience in providing LIS solutions for veterinary laboratories. Our focused customer-driven approach combines our state-of-the-art, feature-rich Polytech LIS for Veterinary Labs with superior support from seasoned system engineers. Your phone calls are not routed to a tedious phone tree and offshore technicians; all Polytech support calls go directly to experienced system engineers with deep product knowledge. As a result, your support needs are given the priority they deserve and resolved expeditiously.

Key Features of Polytech LIS for Veterinary Labs

  • Unlimited species definitions
  • Single screen for patient entry, orders and result review
  • View previous and current patient test results on one screen
  • Test management capabilities for rabies, histopathology, mycology, bacteriology, clinical pathology (including hematology, coagulation, chemistry profiles, endocrinology, urinalysis and fecal), anatomic pathology (including biopsy, necropsy), cytology and fluid analysis, histology, immunohistochemistry (IHC), molecular diagnostics, microbiology, parasitology, virology, and toxicology
  • Direct interfaces to analyzers and instruments
  • Interface to billing, EMR, EHR, HIS, and other practice management systems
  • Remote order entry, results view and report printing
  • Delta checking, previous result display, complex auto result verification
  • Automatic sample ID generation with automatic bar code printing
  • Automated accessioning
  • Auto abnormal result flagging
  • Auto recall of patient demographics
  • User-definable lists include work lists, patient, overdue, draw, standing orders, area-specific and much more
  • Unlimited number of user-definable patient report formats
  • Unlimited user-defined comments
  • User-definable result screens
  • Westgard QC® trending analysis ability as well as many custom Polytech-unique QC features
  • Optional PolyTouch® brand touch screen capability
  • Optional WebLab© browser portal allows ordering, FedEx / UPS label generation and reporting

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