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Polytech LIS

Eliminate Costly LIS Workarounds

Increase your efficiency and productivity with the most adaptable LIS on the market

Your LIS system is critical to the ongoing success of your lab. Polytech LIS from Comp Pro Med has all the features and functions to help your lab run smoothly, but without the big price tag.

Polytech benefits:

  • Adaptable, comprehensive system built to your exact workflow
  • Customer-focused software with 40 years of expertise
  • Implement a new LIS in weeks, not months
  • Zero downtime solution built on the most advanced technology in the industry
  • Responsive, local, expert support to keep your lab running smoothly, day in and day out
Polytech LIS

Easy-to-use single screen interface for patient entry, test orders, standing orders and results review.

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About Comp Pro Med

Comp Pro Med has been exclusively creating and servicing the Polytech Clinical Laboratory Information System since 1983. Our Polytech LIS is a leading-edge system with constantly updating features and functions based on customer input and industry requirements. Our engineers have years of experience in LIS software and we use this knowledge to help our customers achieve their goals.

As a pioneer in Clinical Laboratory automation we have helped define many of the standards that our industry uses today. Comp Pro Med is dedicated and continues to set the standards for exceptional Clinical Laboratory Information Systems.