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Polytech LIS Stands the Test of Time for Mendota Mental Health Institute


Mendota Mental Health Institute (MMHI) is located in Madison, Wisconsin and primarily serves men in need of mental health treatment. The facility conducts about 75,000 tests per year, so lab automation delivered by Polytech LIS is a critical part of the lab’s day to day activities.

Polytech Improves Lab Automation

Many things have changed in the lab during the past 30 years at MMHI, but one constant is the Polytech LIS. “Comp Pro Med has been very good about bringing on new features,” says Medical Technologist, Jan Phillips. “Each new feature helps make life a little easier for us here in the lab. We’ve been very happy with the system.”

For the MMHI lab, interfaces have been a key part of keeping the lab current. The Polytech LIS is interfaced with MMHI’s EHR, reference labs and four analyzers. “Each interface means less manual entry for us and we know every time the system is more automated the less likely we are to make mistakes.”

Comp Pro Med Support Ties System Together

To keep the LIS running smoothly, MMHI relies on Comp Pro Med’s support team to ensure the system is meeting their needs. “Comp Pro Med’s support is very helpful and great to work with,” Says Jan. “Any issues that we’ve ever had get quickly taken care of, it’s like magic.”

Senior support engineers working from Comp Pro Med’s headquarter in Santa Rosa, California can quickly and efficiently diagnose issues and resolve them on the spot. According to Jan, “this morning I had a problem with barcodes and I called Comp Pro Med. They fixed it, and they do it so fast, it’s really incredible to watch.”

Working Together Produces a Positive Outcome

After 30 years of working with Comp Pro Med and the Polytech LIS system, Jan is happy with how Polytech has gotten easier and more robust over the years. Adding features that she needs and resolving issues with the Comp Pro Med team is a process that Jan still appreciates. “The system has worked very well for our needs,” says Jan.

About MMHI

Accredited by The Joint Commission, Mendota Mental Health Institute (MMHI) primarily serves men in need of court-ordered mental health competency evaluations, treatment to competency services, and treatment as the result of being found not guilty of criminal activity by reason of mental illness. MMHI is one of two psychiatric hospitals operated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

About Comp Pro Med

Comp Pro Med, Inc. has been providing clinical laboratory information solutions since 1983 and delivers the most comprehensive LIS on the market today, the Polytech LIS. Comp Pro Med’s robust yet easy to use solutions allow clinical and hospital laboratories to expedite patient record management processes, interface seamlessly with any application or instrument, automate data collection and reporting – all with zero downtime, and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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