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Laboratory Information System for Veterinary Laboratories

Fast Reliable LIS for Veterinary Labs

Comp Pro Med is a worldwide leader in LIS systems with hundreds of installations around the globe. Since 1983, CPM has developed the Polytech LIS. Polytech is well-suited to the unique demands of veterinary labs, offering a comprehensive, affordable system backed by responsive, expert support.

The Polytech LIS for Veterinary Labs

LIS for Pathology

Polytech is a Fully Featured LIS

The Polytech LIS has over 40 years of feature additions and improvements to organize your data and streamline your laboratory workflow. Polytech has been installed in over 800 labs worldwide in the past 40 years.

Polytech is a Powerful Productivity Tool

Polytech is relied upon by many veterinary teaching universities in the U.S. Polytech offers the latest tools to help control lab costs. Many laboratory functions can be fully automated with Polytech giving you a significant economic advantage in your market.

Polytech is Easy-to-Use

Polytech is easy-to-use with a single screen for patient entry, test orders, and result review. Features include: rules execution, result validation, publishing to printers, fax machines, emailing, and uploading to any EHR automatically.

Polytech is Reliable

Polytech delivers zero downtime and zero data loss. Polytech is built on Edge computing, the latest technology used by Amazon, Google and other data companies. Edge computing eliminates the fear of server failure and catastrophic data loss or downtime.

Polytech is Expandable & Customizable

Polytech can grow as your lab grows. Add volume, departments, work areas, users and more all without interrupting daily workflow. Polytech can support multi-location labs as well as enterprise operations. Extensive features such as customized reports for practitioner, clinic and department set Polytech apart.

Polytech Analyzer Interfaces

CPM writes direct real-time software interfaces to analyzers that accommodate the species specific requirements of the veterinary industry. This eliminates expensive third party hardware and software making Polytech LIS less expensive.

Key Polytech for Veterinary Features at a Glance

  • Unlimited species definitions.
  • User definable species range test definitions
  • Define specific test ranges for spayed or neutered animals
  • Single screen for patient entry, orders and result review make Polytech easy to learn and use.
  • Integrated complex rules engine.
  • Unlimited expected ranges.
  • Interfaces to EMR and billing, and remote results review and reporting.
  • Delta checking, previous results display, complex auto result verification.
  • Automatic abnormal result flagging & automatic recall of demographic data.
  • Complex marker interpretation.
  • Unlimited user defined comments.
  • Automatic sample ID and medical record generation with on-demand barcode label printing.
  • User-defined and pre-defined lists include: abnormal results, overdue, billing, workload.
  • PolyWeb portal allows your customers to order lab work, lab supplies, print specimen bar code labels, print FedEx / UPS shipping labels, view lab results and download into their EMR.
  • Quality Control utilizes Westgard trending analysis ability as well as many custom quality control features unique to Polytech.
Polytech Reporting
Veterinary Report Examples

Polytech offers dozens of user-editable, and stock reports with graphics. Using the report formatter, clinicians get results in exactly the format that they prefer, and offers management reports set to your specifications. Additionally, you can generate almost any custom report you desire.

What Can Polytech Do for Your Lab?

  • Automate your lab, reduce errors and increase turn-around times.
  • Increase lab capacity without increasing FTEs.
  • Provide instant, accurate recall of all historical patient reports and data.
  • Publish your reports anywhere, anytime, including: network printer, PDF’s, fax and email.
  • Allow your lab to get orders from and send results to other clinical information systems.
  • Provide test utilization, workload, charge capture, QC and other reports to help manage the lab.
  • Polytech Web Portal for web ordering and reporting.
  • Give you a powerful tool for ad-hoc queries (“data mining”) and custom reporting.
LIS for Toxicology Lab
We’d love to show you how our Polytech LIS can help your lab with a robust, affordable, user-friendly system that never goes down.