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The Difference Between LIS vs. LIMS Systems

Confused about whether you need a LIS or a LIMS system?

While laboratory information systems (LIS) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) have similar sounding names, their functionality is quite different. Both systems automate laboratory management workflow, manage lab inventory and produce test results. However, how you manage and use the results has a big impact on the system you actually need. We can help you figure it out in less than 2 minutes…

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Comp Pro Med’s Polytech LIS

The Polytech LIS expedites patient records, interfaces with any application or instrument, automates data collection and reporting, with no downtime and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Comp Pro Med provides the best lab support in the industry. When customers call, they speak to a real, live LIS expert who works on the LIS every day. Most issues can be resolved the same day.

Polytech interfaces with any analyzer, instrument or system (such as reference laboratories, HIS, EMR, EHR, billing and practice management systems). It currently interfaces with more than 400 instruments. Polytech is the most customizable LIS on the market. It’s Customizable Report Generator allows your lab manager to create and edit an unlimited amount of report formats.

See for yourself how the most customizable LIS on the market can benefit your lab.