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Laboratory Billing

RCM Interfaces

Laboratory Billing

Billing is integral to any healthcare practice. Polytech facilitates laboratory billing automation incorporating industry coding systems and interfacing with any RCM or billing system. Polytech’s billing module ensures fast, error-free communications.

Errors are very costly; average claim denial rates exceed 15% in-network and 30% out-of-network. A comprehensive laboratory information system mitigates coding errors and increases lab revenue.

Laboratories are businesses.

As an experienced lab informatics company, we understand modern lab management pressures and demands; modern laboratories require to scale automation to maximize efficiency and profitability.

CPM provides a tailored lab software solution. Our laboratory information system, Polytech, accommodates any lab workflow to reduce manual operations and expand laboratory operations.

Polytech is premium customized lab software. It can interface with any lab software or instrument. Regardless of a lab’s configuration, Polytech provides complete automated data management.


Lab information software must interface with a myriad of instruments, software and systems. Polytech’s interfaces ensure total comprehensive interoperability for the lab.

Medlink (Edge Computing) is our proprietary distributed computing framework. Deploying our LIS in the lab with Medlink reduces latency or lag time and guarantees no downtime or data loss.

Polytech’s custom report generator is completely user-controlled. Unlimited custom reports included with perpetual license. Lab managers control report designs, contents and results.

About Comp Pro Med

For four decades, Comp Pro Med has focused on developing a world-class laboratory information system. CPM has wide-ranging experience providing LIS solutions for individual labs and hospitals to networks of governmental medical facilities.

The Polytech LIS expedites patient records, interfaces with any application or instrument, automates data collection and reporting, with no downtime and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Laboratory Billing

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