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Why Comp Pro Med?

Polytech LIS Value Proposition

Get the best value LIS installed quickly

Since 1983, Comp Pro Med has been solely focused on developing a world class, customer-centric LIS. The value model of the Polytech LIS software is centered around three critical areas: product quality, unmatched support and transparent pricing. Learn more about the Polytech LIS.

Polytech LIS

Other LIS Vendors

Affordable, customer first approach Quick install within weeks Expensive, profit first approach Slow install min. 6-12 months

Product Quality

Product build Mature product with no lab downtime. Variable product build quality often unsuited to custom lab environments.
Configurability Highly flexible, user defined system configurability with specific functionality for your lab needs. Complex systems with clunky workarounds.
Maintenance All necessary system maintenance tools supplied with Polytech to keep your lab current. Additional modules supplied at extra cost.
Technology Built on the most advanced technology in the industry also used by Amazon and Google. Server-based systems with proprietary hardware, software and costly user databases.
Speed Lightning fast which virtually eliminates interference of specimen processing. Can be slow to process due to server connection & speed requirements.

Unmatched Support

Deployment time Go live in under 4 weeks with no backlog. Backlogged installs can take at least 6 months to one year.
Support staff High quality direct support from senior programmers. Most vendors use multiple support levels with automated scripts.
Software updates All software updates provided free of charge. Many other vendors charge for software updates.
Support levels All customers receive top tier support, with no lower-class support levels. Multiple support levels with customers sent to low level staffers.

Transparent Pricing

Back-End charges No back-end charges keeps costs down. Other vendors often charge customers for back-end issues.
Hidden charges No hidden charges for customizations. Polytech includes user-friendly modules. Hidden charges for report format modifications, screen output changes, label design, data outputs & system configuration.
Pricing model Highly competitive system purchase price model with a reasonably priced Perpetual License purchase option. Bait and switch pricing model with attractive entry costs, but with constant ongoing, and rising costs.
See for yourself how the most customizable LIS on the market can benefit your lab.