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Polytech Features

Polytech LIS Key Features

Polytech has a comprehensive feature set to meet the demands of your unique lab environment. Our customers appreciate that the system is easy to use and has the functionality to provide in depth reporting. Polytech includes comprehensive interoperability. It automates patient data import, interfaces with all lab instruments, automates diagnostic codes and interfaces with any billing software.

Laboratory LIS

Ease of Use

  • Majority of work can be performed on a single screen.
  • Automation of flagged results, patient demographics, sample ID number generation, and bar code generation saves time and enhances workflow while reducing human error.
  • Automatic “search by field” allows quick lookup of specific data.
  • Automatic search for unreleased results allows quick access to patient records requiring attention.
  • EHR interface allows for user-definable patient demographic download and eliminates redundant typing and errors.
  • User-definable “Result Screen” is available for the needs of different medical personnel.
  • Batch request entry for health fairs and health screens.
  • Batch result(s) entry for quick and accurate data entry.
  • Unlimited number of user-defined comments (including canned comments) allows quick and accurate reporting.
  • Simple function keys are used to eliminate needless navigation and streamline workflow.

Results Processing

  • Automatic approval of results within the defined normal ranges (optional).
  • Review results by patient, department, or doctor.
  • Ability to edit results including audit trails and on-screen edit indicators.
  • Automatic Delta Checking capability per test based on absolute values, percentage change values, or combination.
  • Multiple range definition based on age, sex, and species.
  • Automatic display of previous results.
  • Duplicate order checking.
  • Previous orders automatically displayed.
  • Pre-coded comments for notes or corrective action.
  • Easy manual entry of offline results.

Data Storage

  • Over 40 Million patients and results live online.
  • Very fast processing times for active data, historical data, and QC data.
  • Multiple redundant databases means no downtime.
  • Unlimited user-defined comments.
  • Optical drive support.
  • Export to external media for use in third party programs.
  • Data repository for secure physician Internet access.

Customer Support

  • Direct, live, human support.
  • Remote support capabilities via the Internet.
  • Training capabilities via the Internet.
  • Fully auditable system.
  • No upgrade charges while under warranty or a service agreement.


  • Interfaces to over 200 major clinical instruments, including those from Beckman, Roche, Abbott, Coulter and all others.
  • Supports bar-code and label printers.
  • Interfaces to billing and accounting systems, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Windows programs and more.
  • Polytech Interface Engine supports industry standard HL7 and ASTM protocols, Windows TCP/IP, and others.
  • Polytech can import and export data from other databases.

Rules-Based Query

  • Unlimited number of user-definable rules.
  • Logical rule grouping (also unlimited).
  • Patient database filtering prior to query.
  • Output as files for input into other programs.


  • Customizable Report Generator
  • Unlimited number of user-definable patient report formats.
  • Patient cumulative summary reports with graphing.
  • Automatic fax, local printer, remote, and email printing options.
  • Interim patient reports.
  • Printing to any printer on the network.
  • Test ordering patterns available by physician and location.
  • Workload reports by category, doctor, department and more.
  • Charge code reports with CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 codes.
  • Cost and revenue per doctor or entity reports.

Quality Control Management and Reporting

  • Automatic QC analysis and flagging per expected values.
  • Ability to run control material as automated QC input from nearly any analyzer.
  • Automatic Westgard trending and shift analysis (user-definable).
  • Meets CLIA, JCAHO, State and Federal regulations.
  • QC outlier processing and reporting.
  • Monthly, daily, or user-specified date range summary reports.
  • Levy-Jennings graphs.
  • Across control levels checking.
  • QC results stored in full – not just summaries.
  • User defined corrective action commenting.


  • Population normal range data mining tools.
  • Drugs of abuse statistical reports.
  • Workload accounting performed automatically, including ability to set accounting weights for customized reporting capabilities.
We’d love to show you how our Polytech LIS can help your lab with a robust, affordable, user-friendly system that never goes down.