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Laboratory Information System for Toxicology

Polytech LIS for Toxicology

Comp Pro Med’s feature-rich Polytech Laboratory Information System (LIS) helps drive accurate, efficient toxicology test record management. With Polytech, you can expedite test record processes; interface seamlessly with applications or instruments, and automate data collection and reporting – all with zero downtime, and all in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Key Polytech LIS for Toxicology Features

  • Toxicology testing with LC-MS/MS, HPLC device integration.
  • Prescription List analysis for consistent/inconsistent summary reporting.
  • PolyWeb portal integration for single order entry, batch order entry, report viewing, sample barcode labeling, FedEx and UPS label production, tracking, and more.
  • ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, charge codes and amounts. Billing reports allow you to reconcile with your accounting systems pre-post journals.
  • Billing capture in user definable file output formats.
  • Direct interfaces to A/R billing, EMR, EHR, HIS, and/or PMS. HL7 including DFT segments.
  • Previous test results on a patient can be viewed along with new results on one screen.
  • Automatic abnormal result flagging.
  • Single screen for patient entry, orders and result review.
  • Automatic recall of patient demographics.
  • Unlimited user-defined comments.
  • Automatic sample ID generation with automatic bar code printing.
  • User-definable lists including work lists, patient, overdue, draw & standing orders.
  • Sales production reports by representative.
Polytech Reporting
Polytech LIS Toxicology Report

Polytech offers dozens of user-editable, and stock reports with graphics. Using the report formatter, clinicians get results in exactly the format that they prefer, and offers management reports set to your specifications. Additionally, by using ad-hoc queries, you can generate almost any custom report you desire.

LIS for Pathology

Affordable, Reliable LIS for the Toxicology Laboratory

Polytech is Reliable

The Polytech LIS is built on the latest technology, Edge computing topology, the same topology used by Amazon, Google, eBay and other data intensive companies. Edge computing eliminates the fear of catastrophic data loss or downtime should a server fail. In fact, the Polytech system is a zero downtime, zero data loss system.

Polytech is a Powerful Productivity Tool

Duplicate-order-checking and medical-necessity documentation helps control lab costs. Eliminates the extra work of searching through files, writing and sending reports, approving results, managing and documenting QC, checking for diagnostic codes, sending charge code info, providing record security and much more.

Polytech is Easy to Use

Intuitive with a single screen for patient entry, test orders, standing orders and results review. Local and remote printing options and an optional automatic fax module reduces the manual labor required.

Polytech is Good for Business

Comp Pro Med's Polytech has numerous business advantages including reduction of costs, improved efficiency, faster turn around times and increased clinician satisfaction.

Polytech Toxicology is Expandable

Polytech's full functionality is available at purchase. It can be expanded into all lab disciplines with the features you need to streamline all of your laboratory requirements.

Polytech is Compliant

Polytech is fully compliant with all federal and state regulations including JCO, CLIA & HIPAA. Polytech also aids in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance requirements.

Polytech is Feature Rich

Extensive features, including customized reports in multi-language for doctors, clinics and departments set Polytech apart. Billing and ICD-10 checking ensures correct billing information.

Polytech and Medical Necessity

Polytech uses ICD-10 for standardized medical necessity checking. The ICD-10 database is completely user maintainable, eliminating the need for costly updating services.

What Can Polytech Do for Your Lab?

  • Help you to achieve and maintain certification and regulatory compliance.
  • Increase lab capacity without increasing FTEs.
  • Provide instant, accurate recall of all historical patient reports and data.
  • Automatically transmit reports via secure fax, email, web server and more.
  • Allow your lab to get orders from and send results to other clinical information systems.
  • Send billing data to your accounting systems.
  • Provide tools to grow your outpatient business.
  • Allow you to connect multiple testing sites into a single point of access.
  • Provide internet portal for ordering and reporting via optional PolyWeb.
LIS for Toxicology Lab
We’d love to show you how our Polytech LIS can help your lab with a robust, affordable, user-friendly system that never goes down.