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Polytech LIS

Polytech LIS

Polytech Laboratory Information System

The Polytech LIS expedites patient records, interfaces with any application or instrument, automates data collection and reporting, with no downtime and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Polytech LIS: Robust, Customized, Affordable for Any Lab

Polytech is designed to increase laboratory profitability, to improve lab workflows, and to ensure patient safety. Polytech sends health care providers information in a timely fashion and simplifies reporting for lab technicians.

Polytech is used in labs doing a wide variety of testing, specific applications include:

  • Routine clinical lab testing
  • Toxicology: screening and confirmatory testing
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacogenomics with complete report functionality included
  • Molecular testing
  • Pathology
  • Cytology
  • Veterinary

Instrument and Business Interfaces

Digital interfacing to instruments is vital to increase lab productivity. Equally important are the interfaces between the LIS and other business software, such as EMR, EHR, PMS, billing systems and reference laboratories.  Comp Pro Med has developed more than four hundred HL7-compliant direct interfaces for real-time communication within the lab environment and with your clients.

  • No third party interfaces needed, no middleware, no proprietary computers. Built-in interfaces ensure fast error-free bi-directional communications without additional costs.
  • Allows physicians to place lab orders and view results in their EHR, EMR, HIS, PMS or through PolyWeb portal.
  • Reduces billing errors and saves your lab time and resources.

Reference Laboratory Interfaces

Polytech enables you to place orders and receive results directly through an interface to your preferred reference lab. This allows you to speed up your laboratory process, eliminate the need to use separate systems, and help to ensure your reference laboratory results are available immediately.

  • HIS, EMR, and Practice Management System interfaces
  • Fully bi-directional HL7 interfaces, connect to remote systems
  • Allows physicians to place lab orders and view results directly in their EMR, HIS, or Practice Management System
  • Reduces billing errors and saves your lab time and resources

Medlink™ (Edge Computing)

Polytech LIS is built on Edge Computing, the most advanced system in the industry and used by companies such as Amazon, eBay and Google. Edge Computing optimizes hardware and software applications by bringing computing closer to the source of the data. This minimizes the need for long distance communications between client and server, or cloud applications, which minimizes computing time and bandwidth usage.

  • Failsafe redundant database network with no downtime.
  • Low cost solution in both capital and personnel when compared to Client/Server or SaaS/Cloud models.
  • Self-healing system: when a down node is restored, all data is restored.
  • Self-distributing: updates to one node are automatically distributed to all nodes. No installation needed on multiple terminals.
  • Decreased data volume, distance and traffic. Reduces transmission costs, latency and improves service quality.
  • Improved security compared to client/server or SaaS/Cloud.

Web Portal

Share data digitally with remote clinics or other satellite stations such as nurse stations, remote draw stations, and specialty testing facilities. The PolyWeb portal ensures that your test information and patient records are communicated efficiently and accurately by allowing your remote clients to connect to the lab. Clients can place orders, view results, and print reports through a secure remote internet connection to your laboratory. The Web Portal capabilities include:

  • Remote order entry
  • Remote bar code printing
  • Remote results access
  • Remote results printing
  • Satellite clinic access
  • Departmental lab access
  • Reference lab client access
We’d love to show you how our Polytech LIS can help your lab with a robust, affordable, user-friendly system that never goes down.