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Zion Lab Changes LIS To Polytech Acquires Responsive Support

Zion Lab Changes LIS to Polytech Acquires Responsive Support


Zion Laboratory Services is a growing organization dedicated to providing modern, cost-effective and competitively price laboratory services to hospitals, clinics, physicians offices and patients across Texas and nearby states.

The Challenge

Victor Castillo, Zion Lab’s Executive Director, found that he had issues delivering on his promises to provide his customers with rapid testing and quick turnaround times. His old LIS needed changes, but he was having trouble getting his prior LIS vendor to respond.

“In a number of cases we were waiting as much as six months to get support from our old LIS vendor. When the up-font investment is over $100,000 and with on-going support costs, we thought we would get better response from our old vendor. It’s difficult to run a busy lab and provide our customers with fast, accurate service while we are waiting for our LIS vendor to respond to our requests,” says Mr. Castillo.

The Solution

Zion Lab recently purchase Polytech LIS from Comp Pro Med to replace their old LIS system. “Replacing an LIS is a major undertaking, but we needed a vendor who provided responsive support and we also wanted the flexibility of customizing our reports,” according to Mr. Castillo.

Polytech fit the bill by providing Zion Lab with live human support from expert engineers who are in the LIS system every day. With extensive, user-editable reporting functions, Polytech allows Zion Lab to customize their reports to fit their requirements.

The Result

“The implementation was fast and the support from Comp Pro Med has been extremely helpful and professional as we have fine tuned the LIS to meet our needs,” says Mr. Castillo. Comp Pro Med has built multiple interfaces for Zion Lab’s complicated and sophisticated equipment.

Mr. Castillo summarizes “we are very happy so far. We are finding Polytech to be a great solution for Molecular PCR, Polypharmacy and Medication Noncompliance, Toxicology, Blood testing and we expect smooth sailing with our new LIS.”

About Zion Lab

Zion Lab is located in South Texas and provides modern, cost-efficient, and competitively priced laboratory testing services to hospitals, clinics, physicians offices and patients across Texas and nearby states. Excellence in customer service, state-of-the-art equipment and on-time reporting give Zion Laboratory Services a competitive edge over other area laboratories.

About Comp Pro Med

Comp Pro Med, Inc. has been providing clinical laboratory information solutions since 1983 and delivers the most comprehensive LIS on the market today, the Polytech LIS. Comp Pro Med’s robust yet easy to use solutions allow clinical and hospital laboratories to expedite patient record management processes, interface seamlessly with any application or instrument, automate data collection and reporting – all with zero downtime, and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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