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Cutting Lab Costs with a Laboratory Information System

Lab Cost Savings


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If you’re considering incorporating a new Laboratory Information System (LIS) into your lab, you’re probably wondering about how it’s going to benefit you in the long run. Here’s the most important thing to remember: a good Laboratory Information System will pay for itself within a year.

Without a doubt, lab costs can climb very high very quickly. Equipment, employee salaries, and even having to reorder misplaced tests combine to create big dollar signs. If you’re a lab manager, you know this very well. So when it comes to considering another potential expense for your clinical or research laboratory, it’s not always easy to justify the cost.

There are considerations to be had, of course. Each facility has its own signature lab cost and mode of operation, and these factors must be taken into consideration. How many patients does your office see, or how many tests are ordered through your lab each day? What is the size of your operation? How many employees do you have, and how much of their time is dedicated to inputting orders manually? Do you currently have an automated system, but it’s not pulling its weight?

What to Consider?

These are all important points to think about when deciding whether to bring a new Laboratory Information System into your lab. Whatever your situation, there’s a lot of excellent information out there to help you make your decision, including this post. Allow us to give you a few examples of how Lab Information Systems can improve workflow and cut lab costs. Do keep in mind that savings will vary from lab to lab, but you can certainly expect to see improvement in some of the following areas.

  • Increase productivity and information recording without having to increase staff
  • Improve results per unit of staff effort
  • Drastically reduce or eliminate human error in data input
  • Eliminate unbilled testing and declines/rejections
  • Save work & time, and redirect employee focus where it’d be better used
  • Increase your work capacity without increasing your staff size
  • A small lab can be automated for less cost a month than a new part-timer
  • Improve turnaround time and get patients faster & more accurate results

If you’re currently using lab software that you’re unhappy with, you may not have found the right fit for your lab. We’re always happy to help in any way that we can with a demo, a quote, or discussing a custom and affordable solution for your facility.

For any additional information, a free demo, or a personalized quote, please contact us!

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