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Get More Than Customer Support, Get Lab Support
Polytech LIS

Get More Than Customer Support, Get Lab Support

To achieve goals in your lab, you need all parts to work together smoothly. When trying to reach those goals, you’re going to need support from your vendors. The type of support you receive often determines your level of success.

Your LIS system is the brains behind your lab. To make your system perform at the right level, you’ll need additional support from your vendor. Depending on the type of support, implementing new systems, automation, or report formats can be challenging. Here, you may run into two types of support.

Do You Receive Customer Support, or Lab Support?

Customer Support

Unfortunately we’ve all experienced customer support. The person you talk to often has limited knowledge and likely uses a script to try and solve your issue. They rarely understand what you’re trying to do and they lack the ability to truly solve the issue to your satisfaction. Plus, they often have little knowledge about their own products.

Lab Support

On the other had, lab support is provided by knowledgeable individuals who understand how the lab functions and how to help you achieve your goals. They’ll ask questions, want to know why you want to do what you want to do and figure out the best way to help you reach that goal. They often raise issues you might not have considered and they’ll utilize a deep well of knowledge from other similar labs and from a deep understanding of the lab software, it’s functions and abilities.

With lab support, you get a partner who helps to figure out the best way for you to succeed. They understand your challenges and how to help you overcome them. They see your goals and their goals and can give you a path to reach them.

Comp Pro Med prides itself on the lab support we are able to offer to our customers the best lab support in the industry.

Polytech Benefits:

  • Implement the LIS Solutions that help you achieve your goals
  • Work with developers who understand the lab environment
  • Responsive support to keep your lab running smoothly, day in and day out

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Polytech LIS

Easy-to-use single screen interface for patient entry, test orders, standing orders and results review.

About Comp Pro Med

Comp Pro Med has been exclusively creating and servicing the Polytech Clinical Laboratory Information System since 1983. Our Polytech LIS is a leading-edge system with constantly updating features and functions based on customer input and industry requirements. Our engineers have years of experience in LIS software and we use this knowledge to help our customers achieve their goals.

As a pioneer in Clinical Laboratory automation we have helped define many of the standards that our industry uses today. Comp Pro Med is dedicated and continues to set the standards for exceptional Clinical Laboratory Information Systems.