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Are you getting the support you need with your LIS?

When our customers call, they speak to a real, live LIS expert who works on our system everyday. Many issues can be resolved the same day. We often solve problems and make changes within minutes with our customers, so they have a better understanding of how changes are made.

  • Live Human Support: CPM is your partner to help optimize Polytech for your unique workflow.
  • Senior Support Staff: High quality direct support from senior programmers.
  • No Support Levels: All customers receive top tier support, with no lower-class support levels.
  • Software Updates: All software updates provided free of charge.


We Don’t Just Make Changes for You, We Make Changes With You

We pride ourselves on how easy and robust our system is to use. We give customers robust tools and teach them how to use them. Changes like adding tests, panels, or making report modifications can be done with or without our support team.

At our founding, Comp Pro Med decided to help our customers with live support that actually helps solve their problems. When you talk with our customers, it’s one of the first things they mention about working with us. Our support is second to none. We know that what’s most important happens the minute after you purchase your LIS and the many years that the system runs in your lab.

The personal relationships we develop with our customers helps us to understand their unique needs and design the system to fit their workflow. We always say, we succeed when our customers succeed.

Learn more about Polytech’s Customized Report Generator.

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LIS for Pathology

Use a single screen 90% of the time

Easy-to-use interface for patient entry, test orders, standing orders and results review.

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About Comp Pro Med

Comp Pro Med has been exclusively creating and servicing the Polytech Clinical Laboratory Information System since 1983. Our Polytech LIS is a leading-edge system with constantly updating features and functions based on customer input and industry requirements. Our engineers have years of experience in LIS software and we use this knowledge to help our customers achieve their goals.

As a pioneer in Clinical Laboratory automation we have helped define many of the standards that our industry uses today. Comp Pro Med is dedicated and continues to set the standards for exceptional Clinical Laboratory Information Systems. Learn more about Comp Pro Med.