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Informed Decisions Make Efficient Labs

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Data Analytics Allow Your Lab Managers to Make Informed Changes to Your Workflow

How do informed decisions make efficient labs? With a good set of data to review, your lab managers can better assess if your lab has labor or workflow issues. But without data your lab managers would not know how to direct precious laboratory resources.

Your LIS system is a critical tool in data collection. Polytech LIS from Comp Pro Med was created to provide a complete and customizable LIS package to its users. If you value data collection, then incorporating an LIS system that covers all assets of your lab will give you full coverage of possible data to collect.

Polytech benefits:

  • Receive an LIS tailored to your lab
  • Easy to use system that’s intuitive and straight-forward
  • Advanced Data Analytics systems including turnaround times, workload, supply management
  • Full installation in weeks not months

Tell us about your LIS experiences

“Overall it has been a very, very good experience working with Comp Pro Med. They have provided remarkable support in every way. We are able to get all of the small details lined up and it makes a huge time difference in our daily workflow. Frankly, It has been the best LIS system that I have ever used or worked on in my career.”
–Kerri Watson, Lab Supervisor, Liberty Diagnostics

About Comp Pro Med

Comp Pro Med has been exclusively creating and servicing the Polytech Clinical Laboratory Information System since 1983. Our Polytech LIS is a leading-edge system with constantly updating features and functions based on customer input and industry requirements. Our engineers have years of experience in LIS software and we use this knowledge to help our customers achieve their goals.

As a pioneer in Clinical Laboratory automation we have helped define many of the standards that our industry uses today. Comp Pro Med is dedicated and continues to set the standards for exceptional Clinical Laboratory Information Systems.