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Is Your Lab Prepared for 2013?

Is Your Lab Ready for 2013?

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2013 is here! Is your lab prepared?

The field of medical technology always grows and shifts. It’s extremely important to be flexible and able to change with it. At Comp Pro Med, we put our hands directly on everything we send out to our clients, making room for lightning-quick adaptability. We find this is often one of the bonuses of a small working environment. Perhaps you don’t have billion-dollar funding backing you like a large corporation, but there’s a fantastic amount of maneuverability. Being able to keep ahead of the developments in our field has always been one of our strengths.

The past year has brought some shifts, both past and imminent, that will change the scope of medical technology as we know it. The upcoming ICD-10 implementation is one of those changes, along with the shifting scope of medical coverage and healthcare. Will your lab, hospital, or university be equipped to handle the changes coming in 2013?

If you’ve been operating with an EMR alone, or using an interface you’re not entirely happy with, now is the time to consider changes. The new year’s budget may already be set, but if there’s any wiggle room, considerations for updated technology are a must. Many Laboratory Information System providers are still in the process of planning and transitioning for ICD-10, though we’ve been compliant for months now. It may be time to consider beginning training and implementation early in order to preempt any last-minute scrambling. If you feel like your current system is sluggish and not operating at its full potential, it might be time to reexamine your options.

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If you have any questions about upgrading your Laboratory Information System going into the new year, do drop us a line. We wish you happiness, health, and success in 2013!

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