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Lab Automation Article

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Lab automation: Learnings and insights

A recent article “Lab automation: Learnings and insights” in the September 2023 issue on Medical Laboratory Observer begins “The effort to lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient care continues to drive clinical laboratory automation.”

A laboratory information system like Comp Pro Med’s Polytech LIS is integral to lab automation. Learn more about Polytech LIS.

“This article offers an overview of how two groups of clinical laboratories at our Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minnesota, leverage automation to meet the increasing demand for timely, high-quality results in an environment of rapidly evolving technology.”

The article goes on to explain that “Bringing total lab automation is just the beginning.” It details their lab’s digital solutions, informatics and specimen collection/handling.

It goes on to offer an interesting perspective on “Thoughtful change management,” acknowledging that ” a concrete plan” is necessary and asserting that it “can energize the team.”

Read the whole article online at Medical Laboratory Observer.

About Comp Pro Med

Since 1983, Comp Pro Med has been solely focused on developing a world class, customer-centric LIS. Polytech, Comp Pro Med’s laboratory information system, expedites patient record processes, interfaces seamlessly with any application or instrument, automates data collection and reporting – all with zero downtime, and all in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Comp Pro Med has deep experience in providing LIS solutions for labs and hospitals of all sizes, ranging from small individual clinics to networks of medical facilities at the governmental level. Our focused customer-driven approach combines our state-of-the-art feature-rich Polytech clinical laboratory information system with superior support from seasoned system engineers.

Our expertise includes not only continuous development of the Polytech LIS to incorporate the latest technology and regulatory requirements, but also direct interfaces that seamlessly connect your LIS with analyzers, instruments and other systems such as reference laboratories, HIS, EMR, EHR, billing and practice management systems.