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PAMA Adjustments

What is a Laboratory Information System

Need Help With PAMA Adjustments?PAMA Adjustments

Comp Pro Med’s Polytech LIS will ensure your lab can handle increased demand with a limited workforce.

Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) requires certain laboratories to collect and submit private payor rates for clinical laboratory tests. Polytech can help with these PAMA adjustments in reporting.

How Can Comp Pro Med Help?

With fewer labor resources available to laboratories, a complete LIS system is the most cost effective way to improve patient care without investing into labor. Polytech LIS helps technicians access reports and collect data quickly, improving patient diagnosis and treatment turn around times. With an complete LIS, your laboratory can eliminate duplicate and unwanted testing, reducing wasted time and resources in your lab’s workflow.

Improving the efficacy and accuracy of your testing workflow reduces necessary labor per test. Polytech LIS has all the tools you need to reduce the amount of manual processes in the lab and therefore reduce the amount of manual labor needed per test while increasing testing accuracy.

Comp Pro Med’s Polytech LIS is used in a variety of settings, including provider groups, clinics, hospitals, independent reference labs, anatomic pathology laboratories, student health centers, toxicology clinics, public health organizations, universities, retail establishments, and more. Call Comp Pro Med today for a free consultation.


Our LIS is designed to fit your lab environment, so you can spend your time on other tasks and not worry about your LIS.


Get a perpetual license with no hidden costs.


Polytech is feature rich and includes all the elements you’ll find in much higher priced systems.


Easily access reports from our web portal or patient portal.


“What I like about Polytech is that it’s very simple and straight-forward. I can run any report that I want to make decisions and identify issues in the lab. We also have an EMR, but I prefer to use Polytech to run reports, it’s just easier to use.”

–Denise King, Lab Manager, Grants Pass Clinic