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Testimonial: Susan Tretault

quinsigamond-ccComp Pro Med donated its Polytech LIS to Quinsigamond Community College (QCC)

Comp Pro Med has long been a proponent of education for the next generation of phlebotomists. Comp Pro Med donated its Polytech LIS to Quinsigamond Community College in the hopes that the experience of a professional Laboratory Information System would provide students with the tools necessary for them to prepare for the job market.

QCC Testimonial

Here, Susan Tetreault gives a testimonial and talks about her experience with  both Comp Pro Med and Polytech:

“When I first began the process of looking for an LIS that my students would be able to use in class, it was daunting. There are a number of LIS systems out there that have similar features as the Polytech LIS we received from Comp Pro Med, but the Polytech LIS is a lifesaver. Most of the applications I looked at don’t adapt to user needs well, but rather they ask you to do the adapting, often resulting in a long, drawn out process for users to learn all the quirks. It shouldn’t take up so much time. In an educational training environment, there just isn’t enough time to spare. Polytech has more features on one screen combined than I’ve ever seen in an LIS. It’s very convenient.”

About Comp Pro Med

Sue continued, “As for the Comp Pro Med staff, I can’t say enough about how willing they are to go the extra mile to work out any details that require extra attention. Other companies can sometimes be reluctant to customize around your needs, so it was especially helpful that Comp Pro Med could do so.”

About Polytech

“The Comp Pro Med Polytech program is the best possible thing for my students to prepare for the real world careers that await them. They absolutely love it. Using an LIS in class is essential. From what I’m seeing, it’s easy for students to just jump in with Polytech. This is the best possible thing an instructor such as me could hope for. It has given them excellent hands-on practical experience for inputting patient and lab data. They have enjoyed learning the program, and it’s a big sigh of relief for a prospective phlebotomist to have that down.

Knowing they will be able to earn competitive skills by getting experience is invaluable. Learning details like printing barcode labels for the requested specimens ordered goes a long way. It is so commendable that you were able to provide us with this valuable tool in order for the students to gain the experience that they absolutely need. It’s great that they are going into the work field knowing how to use an LIS program. I want them to have every advantage possible when they start applying for available positions. This will prove to be a valuable asset for them, and is attractive for any employer.

I cannot thank you enough, and I recommend Polytech LIS to everyone in the industry.”

–Susan Tetreault, Quinsigamond Community College Phlebotomy Program

(Susan Tretault is a program coordinator and adjunct faculty member of Quinsigamond Community College, as well as the executive director and owner of CPR, Etc. in Worcester, MA.)

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