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Transitioning Takes Time: Planning for an LIS

Clinical-Laboratory-Software-DemoCreating a Transition Plan for LIS Interfacing

You’ve done your research and made your choice. Now you’re ready to install a new Laboratory Information System. Fantastic! But what are your next steps? You can’t just plug it in and walk away, especially if you’re also upgrading other instruments or transitioning to a new coding system like ICD-10.

It’s important to have a plan for a big undertaking like an LIS installation. Working with an LIS (or changing LIS providers) can be a big adjustment. You’ll need to think ahead and consider installation time, interfacing time, training, data transfer, and other similar factors. On top of this, if your staff needs additional training in ICD-10 or any new equipment, this must also be taken into account before you’re back at optimal operating levels. There will be an adjustment period for figuring out how to best redistribute the time and skills of workers who were previously performing manual tasks that are now covered by the LIS software.

For this sort of transition, we definitely recommend giving yourself at least a six-month “adjustment period” in order to ensure everything goes according to plan and your facility’s hands aren’t tied. Don’t put off necessary training or fall into the “we’ll deal with issues as they arise” trap. Create a concrete plan of action, with scheduled training and follow-up. Your LIS provider should work with you on a plan, and they should be able to hit their proposed deadlines. Make sure backups are in place in the event of experiencing technical hiccups with the new system.

If you’re interested in hearing about a sample implementation plan, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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