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Using a Laboratory Barcode System for Automation

Utilizing a Laboratory Barcode System



Many discussions about automating labs discuss LIS software or EMRs, but not many discuss using a Laboratory Barcode System. Perhaps it’s because industry people assume using barcodes to aid in organization and labeling is a given, or maybe it’s because it’s something that isn’t considered as an option for automation. Either way, it’s certainly something to consider when you’re already in the process of updating your lab for automation.

As we discussed last week, when it comes to making the call for automation, the people holding the purse strings are often much more interested in achieving compliance for the lowest cost, rather than implementing systems that will be effective for an individual lab. This is where the tactic of creating a plan to show how additional systems that work in conjunction with an EMR comes in handy. Is your lab still manually labeling specimens? How much time does that take? How many specimens are coming through your lab monthly, and how much time and money could be saved if the labeling system was automated? Are you losing money through mixed up or lost samples? Use these questions to help build your case for a Laboratory Barcode System.

Interoperability with Lab Barcode System

Although we don’t personally offer a Laboratory Barcode System, we’re still invested in seeing that you find the best fit for your lab’s automation. If you decide barcodes are the right fit, then we can help you with interfacing your new system to your other equipment and software. There’s no doubt that using barcodes can help your lab achieve a level of organization and automation you hadn’t thought possible. Barcode labels come in a number of forms, and even if you need special labels that are resistant to moisture or extreme temperatures, you can find a system that works for you.

If you’d like to read more about barcodes, how they work, and if they could help your lab, you should check out this article in Lab Manager Magazine. Great information!

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