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What are Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)?

What exactly are Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)?


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Laboratory Information Systems are also known as LIS (or LIMS/LMIS if they have additional managerial aspects). These software systems are used by laboratories that store and manage information. They can also integrate with other lab software and hardware, improve workflow, reduce human error, and use barcodes to maintain order for tests.

Who should use LIS software?

It may seem obvious, but the usability of Laboratory Information Systems extends beyond clinical laboratories or hospitals. Among the medical laboratories, LIS’s can be used for services ranging from pathology to hematology. Comp Pro Med’s Polytech LIS has also found a home in a number of university labs, teaching hospitals, and veterinary clinics. Technically, an LIS can be customized to function in any laboratory setting where there’s a need for organizing information or managing specimens. This can potentially include research labs and even product testing facilities.

What are the benefits of Laboratory Information Systems?

The Polytech LIS offers benefits ranging from ease of use to full networking for your lab. For a full list of the advantages offered through the Polytech system, please view our free white paper.

I’ve done some research into Laboratory Information Systems, and they seem prohibitively expensive. Is there another option?

Most certainly. Not every LIS or LIMS is created equal. Some companies create software that’s much better suited for large labs or hospitals. While looking into LIS software, you should consider the company’s size and flexibility for working within smaller budgets and more tightly-knit labs. At Comp Pro Med, we have over 30 years of experience handling labs of all sizes and with a variety of budgets. We would be happy to set up a call to discuss your needs, or you can fill out our General Inquiry form.

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