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What are the benefits of an LIS? Why choose Polytech?

What are the benefits of an LIS? The decision of whether or not to incorporate a LIS software in your clinical lab is an important one. There are many factors to consider, from the size and labor output of your lab to the cost of implementing LIS software. Every lab has unique approaches and needs, and your Laboratory Information System provider needs to be flexible. In order to help you in your research, we’ve provided a few free informational white papers.

The Five Things You Should Know When Considering an LIS

The Benefits of a Laboratory Information System

The Advantages of the Polytech LIS

What are the benefits of an LIS? Please feel free to view, share, and print these packets for the appropriate parties of your lab.

Increase Your Productivity & Efficiency

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The Polytech™ Laboratory Information System is the most customizable Laboratory Information System on the market. It’s Report Generator allows your lab manager to create and edit an unlimited amount of report formats.

CPM provides the best lab support in the industry. When customers call, they speak to a real, live LIS expert who works on the LIS every day. Most issues can be resolved the same day.

Comp Pro Med’s Polytech™ Laboratory Information System interfaces with any analyzer, instrument or system (such as reference laboratories, HIS, EMR, EHR, billing and practice management systems). Comp Pro Med’s Polytech™ Laboratory Information System currently interfaces with more than 400 instruments.