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What are the Costs of LIS Workarounds?

Laboratories are facing extreme challenges in the Age of Coronavirus.  Dramatically reduced testing volume is piled on top of the already pressing issues of labor shortages, decreased reimbursements and regulatory changes. Are these issues forcing you to look for new ways to increase efficiency and productivity and stay in the lab business? One way to do this is improving your efficiency, thereby reducing your costs. Laboratory Information Systems can improve efficiency and reduce costs, However, there are significant costs to LIS workarounds.

Eliminate Costly Workarounds and Additional Software

To do this you need to evaluate every part of your operation. Are your LIS and instrument interfaces part of the drain on your bottom line.  If you currently waste time creating or maintaining workarounds because your LIS won’t conform to your workflow or you have to maintain middleware, Polytech LIS from Comp Pro Med is your answer.

Comp Pro Med offers the most adaptable, competitively priced LIS on the market. Polytech LIS can be configured to your exact workflow, no need for time-consuming workarounds and no middleware is needed to interface to any analyzer, point to point saves time and money!

Gain time and more resources by eliminating LIS workarounds.

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