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Why Skimping on a Lab Interface is a Mistake

Avoiding a Lab Interface Purchase Can Cost You

Custom-Laboratory-Information-SystemWhen you’re staring at the hard numbers while making financial decisions, it’s easy to put off incorporating a lab interface, or ignore it altogether as a needless extra. The upfront cost is often negligible in the long run. However, that number you see on the page can feel daunting, especially when your budget is tightly managed. When you’re operating within a fairly strict financial model, it’s often easier to think only of immediate costs and not of long-term benefits or savings.

It may be hard to look ahead when current needs are so immediate. Regardless, it’s extremely important for the longevity of your lab to think ahead. A good Laboratory Information System can interface with over 300 different instruments and save thousands of dollars in labor. If you find the right fit for your lab, most lab interface software will pay for itself within a year after implementation. By shopping around, you can find one that will only cost you a few thousand dollars, which may seem daunting up front for a small lab, but is really a very negligible cost over the course of a few months.

Save Money

Going without an interface to save money is penny wise and pound foolish, because labor is not only the largest cost in the clinical lab but is also an expense that recurs month after month, year in and year out. By combining an interface with another piece of optional-but-helpful automation like a barcode system, you can see huge potential savings in reduced labor and errors. It is well worth the consideration and money.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss which instruments and systems an LIS can easily interface with, please let us know. We’re happy to help with your research.

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