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What is a Laboratory Information System

Unifying with a Lab Interface

A Lab Interface Helps Your System Communicate

healthcare-information-management-systemsAn Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) is the obvious option when upgrading your lab for automation, but it can’t do everything a lab interface can. EMRs can communicate with certain computers and allow for the storage and retrieval of your records. However, they can’t communicate with your other systems on their own. Having your medical records digitized is certainly helpful and convenient, but what about your other equipment? Is it being utilized to its full potential? An interface can help.

Sure, EMRs make dealing with medical records easier, but it doesn’t effect the dozens of other jobs that go on in your lab. What if your EMR could communicate with your analyzers, or your billing system? Wouldn’t it be convenient to take all of those names you already have in digital format and unify them with your other equipment using a lab interface? Absolutely. Then you could make sure the correct tests and bills are connected to the correct patient records. With the addition of barcode readers, you can potentially eliminate human error, mix-ups, or misplacement. That seems to be well worth the potential cost. It’s been shown, time and time again, that incorporating effective software and interface systems will actually make more profit for the lab.

LIS Interoperable with EMR

If your lab runs 50-75 or more tests per day, incorporating a lab interface to communicate with your other systems or remote labs is absolutely a benefit. This level of automation will save you time and manpower. It can drastically reduce the amount of time wasted on phone calls conferring with other departments or labs. Think of it like a giant brain connected to the different parts of the body that brings all of that data and information back to one place — your fingertips. No more scrambling around trying to get what you need or hiring extra staff you can’t budget for because your workload is too great. When you’re using an interface, you can quickly and easily scale as you grow.

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