Polytech Laboratory Information System

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Comp Pro Med

Revitalize your Lab Data Management Paradigm

Laboratory Information Systems

Comp Pro Med’s feature-rich Polytech Laboratory Information System (LIS) helps drive accurate, compliant patient test record management. With Polytech, you can expedite patient record processes, interface seamlessly with any application or instrument, and automate data collection and reporting – all with zero downtime, and all in compliance with state and federal regulations.

No LIS Scope Creep, No Hidden Costs

The Polytech LIS is ideal for clinical and hospital labs seeking to optimize workflows, ensure accurate reimbursements, and reduce operating costs. It contains all features and functionality in a single comprehensive system, from interfaces to reports. Everything you need is at your fingertips in an intuitive, easy to use solution.

This also means that Polytech includes HL7-compliant direct interfaces to all your analyzers, instruments and applications. That’s it. There’s no need to purchase additional hardware, no third party interface boards that will require upgrades, no specialized training to create reports – everything is already built into the Polytech laboratory information system and designed to work on your existing desktop. As a result, you’re never subject to project scope creep or hidden costs that drive up the system price by requiring add-ons after purchase.

Whatever business applications your organization runs, Polytech interfaces seamlessly with clinical and hospital business systems, including HIS, EMR, practice management systems, and medical billing systems – at no extra cost.

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State-of-the-art LIS Increases Productivity and Profitability

From toxicology to pathology, the Polytech LIS revitalizes the lab productivity paradigm. With a single screen for patient entry, test orders, standing orders and result review, Polytech ensures ICD-10 compliance while enabling accurate reimbursements, reducing operating costs and increasing the bottom line profitability of the laboratory.

Outstanding Customer Support from Experienced System Engineers

CompProMed has decades of experience in providing LIS solutions for labs and hospitals of all sizes, ranging from small individual clinics to networks of medical facilities at the governmental level. Our focused customer-driven approach combines our state-of-the-art Polytech clinical laboratory information system with superior support from seasoned system engineers.

Request a no-obligation online demo to see how the Polytech LIS nimbly handles any clinical data management task, from requisitions to results, from reports to regulatory compliance.

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