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Comp Pro Med

Laboratory Information Systems By Comp Pro Med

Laboratory Information Systems

Comp Pro Med helped define many of the standards that our industry uses today. Comp Pro Med is dedicated to continuous improvement for exceptional Clinical Laboratory Information Systems. We know our clients’ objectives and we deliver a world-class product at affordable prices. Our systems are available via Direct Purchase, Rental, Lease, Creative Financing, etc. which makes a Polytech system easy to own.

Comp Pro Med offers several payment arrangements to fit your budget. Call 1-800-276-4522 for further information.

Polytech is The Right Choice

Today’s market is full of laboratory software options. What makes the Polytech system different? Its incredible flexibility and our company’s 30+ years of experience, not to mention a high level of customized personal and technical support. Polytech systems are used in teaching hospitals, medical labs, veterinary clinics, HIV testing facilities, and more.

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What Our Clients Say

For over 30 years, we have powered the labs of the world’s leading hospitals, clinics, and even countries. We’ve become the hands-down system of choice for many reasons. Here are just a few comments from our thousands of clients:

  • “Because Polytech records and accurately reports every test, we never lose charges. We have significantly increased revenues, reduced associated billing department labor costs, and are able to submit laboratory charges to our fiscal intermediaries on time.”

    Julie Henderson
    Laboratory Manager
    Miami, Florida

  • “Polytech has improved our laboratory in many important ways. Comp Pro Med has created a fail-safe redundant database network that eliminates downtime. The system is impressive… and surprisingly affordable… and backed by expert technical support. For any size hospital, clinic, or multi-specialty group practice lab, the Polytech LIS is a system you should seriously consider.”

    Theresa Patterson
    Group Practice Manager
    Dallas, Texas

The landscape of laboratory information systems is constantly changing, especially with the extensive changes to healthcare in the last few years. From the implementation of the ICD-10 coding system to the Affordable Care Act, the face of medicine is shifting across the board. Your laboratory software should reflect those changes and remain flexible, and Comp Pro Med excels in this arena.

When choosing between a laboratory information management system (LIMS) and laboratory information systems (LIS) for your facility, it’s important to take your needs into consideration. Are you a business that needs a reporting system to display large amounts of data, or are you a medical facility dealing in test results, patient records, and billing systems? The former is best served by a laboratory information management system, which functions well for organizing data for research articles, for example. Some LIMS are capable of functioning in a clinical setting, but they are not ideal for the task.

Here at Comp Pro Med, we specialize in our Polytech laboratory information systems, which are far superior for dealing with medical software and records because that’s what they’re made to do. Our software is highly adaptable for labs of any size, and we offer personalized support to ensure your system is suited for your individual clinic or hospital.

Using laboratory information systems will improve turnaround time, drastically reduce human error, aid in bill organization, and more. Every system that comes out of our Santa Rosa office is customized specifically for your facility. We are not a “big box” company that sells a shrink-wrapped product. For more information or a demo, please use our convenient online request form.

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